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dog holds a/c filter

dog with a/c filter

dog holds a/c filter

Our filters help A/Cs run at maximum efficiency

Our filters will stop dust mites

Our filters help keep coils, air ducts, and motors clean

Dirty motors run hot and are less efficient and can end up costing your more money to cool your home. Help your A/C run at its maximum efficiency. Custom sized filters can be made to fit any size air return.

Many air conditioning filters remove less than 10% of the microscopic particles homeowners are
concerned about. To upgrade protection, consider the
efficient filters offered by us - these filters are typically pleated, woven material and reduce 20-50% of particles. Cleaner, purer air allows for
better rest and breathing.

Air conditioning is also extremely important for people who suffer from allergies and asthma. We recommend that everyone with allergies and asthma keep their windows shut during the pollen season and use air conditioning so that pollens are not coming into the bedroom. But the problem still exists when the air conditioner is not clean.

“If you have dirty filters are you basically breathing air that is contaminated,” says owner Cheryl Aho.

Provided you keep your a/c filter clean, continuously running the air conditioner can lower the moisture enough to prevent the growth of mold, a common allergen. But running an air conditioner without proper cleaning can contaminate it with mold. An occasional detailing job on your unit is best. “Changing the filter periodically, having the unit checked once a year, to see what condition it is in is recommended", Cheryl added.

“In my opinion people should be cleaning out their air conditioners meticulously they should be changing their filters at least once a month in the summer months to make sure they aren’t exposed to any of the dirt and other things that might accumulate in the filtering system. It’s not that hard you just open it up clean out the dust and throw it in the garbage. And with it, maybe your allergies!"

To find out which filter is right for you call Just Filters at 561-644-9607.

>> "We built a new home, and we have been using these filters for 6 years now. We have had no problems with our air conditioner. Recently, several of our neighbors had to replace their whole A/C system. We contribute our A/C's long life span to Just Filters!"

- Mr. and Mrs. Garfield, Boynton Beach, Florida


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